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Logistics and Fulfillment

We specialize in sourcing the best quality product at the most competitive pricing. With over 10 years of industry experience we work with companies worldwide to provide the highest quality of products and services.

1 Year Warranty

All of our items come with 1 Year Warranty. Items are guaranteed to be 100% fully operational. And always guaranteed to activate. If any issues arise we work with you to ensure a fast and quick turnaround.

How we help you grow

We understand the needs in such a fast paced and growing industry and we are here with your needs in mind. By allow us to focus on the hardware side you are able to grow your business with product that's ready to use for you and your customers.

Our Inventory Model

All our items are in stock and ready to ship. We do not drop ship any of our inventory. From start to finish the inventory is processed in one facility so we can ensure the quality of our goods.

  • Items are received and sorted
  • Intricate testing for functionality
  • MEID is verified for activation and charge tested
  • Items are kitted and prepared for shipment

Order with confidence knowing that your item is ready to use and be activated upon arrival. All devices come with a phone, battery, door, and charger. If a SIM Card (ICC) number is required then one will be included with your order.

we stand behind our product

All our phones are processed through a customized testing process to ensure the highest quality of product for our customers and yours. If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase or something is not functioning as it should then send it back.

  • Are you within the 1 Year Warranty?
  • Contact us via email
  • We will provide instructions for an exchange or refund.
  • Refunds processed upon arrival.

Sometimes our customers cannot wait for an exchange or afford to be without a phone. If this happens then send back your device for a refund and order the same device so we can cross ship your replacement. Our items carry a 1 Year Warranty so if anything is not working within that period then please contact us right away.

expand your network through wireless

The wireless industry is the fastest growing service today. If you worry about sourcing hardware then you are not focusing on getting the service. We allow you to be free of the hassle.

  • Inventory is updated daily
  • 1 Year Warranty on all items
  • Guaranteed to activate
  • One stop shop

Having the backing our of processing and fulfillment allows you to acquire customers faster and easier than ever before. Our product is ready for you and your future customers to purchase online and complete with everything you need to get started.

what we do

Specializing in the cell phone industry has allowed us to be part of the fast and growing service and hardware industry. With our expertise in procurement we are able to guarantee the highest quality of product at the most competitive pricing on the market. We understand your needs and goals and have set up our company to allow you to grow yours. Our goal is that every customer is a repeat customer, even if that means the repeat customer is for you. Working together helps us build a strong relationship for the long term growth of the wireless industry.

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